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Eight UAE adventures to try!

Visiting Dubai will be incomplete without finding 8 fantastic spots for adventure activities in Dubai, UAE. Definitely, you will get fantastic experience by trying the activities offered by those spots.

Meydan, Nad Al Sheba:

Meydan, Nad Al Sheba
Meydan, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai

The first fantastic spot you can visit while enjoying Dubai is Meydan. This place is offering Biokarting. Biokarting is a hybrid karting. It is said as hybrid karting is because the power of the kart is using wind. Definitely, this activity will give you something fun and great experience

Emirates Bike Tours:

Emirates Bike Tours, Dubai

This place is a good spot for those who are a biker. You can try the most challenging dirt biking there. You just need to rent a bike and start the tour. You can take half day tour and full day tour. There is also a lesson place for first time users.

Arabia Horizons:

Bune Buggying in Arabia Horizons

This is the place where you can increase your adrenaline. In specific, you are offered a fantastic activity known as dune buggying. The challenge is how to drive on the sand. It takes one hour to finish this activity.

Sky Dive Dubai, Dubai Marina:

Sky Dive Dubai, Dubai Marina

To get the best view of Dubai, you can try to do skydiving. You will be flied on 4000m after leaping on Dubai aircraft. You can see your action before because the cost is including the videography service.

Sheikh Zayed Road:

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

If you are a bicycle lover, you can just directly go to this road. There will be a BMX show on this park. You can just rent a bike. Moreover, you can also buy the items you need for your bike at the Wolfi’s bike shop.

Desert Safari:

fun tours desert safari
Desert Safari

This adrenaline adventure is suitable for couples, families and adventure lovers who can enjoy driving fully automatic two-seater sand dune buggies, 4×4 wheelers, and do quad biking independently with or without professional guidance.

Balloon Ride:

Balloon Ride

You can float at the height of 3,000 feet over a magical desert. It is a type of family adventure that you can enjoy with the kids. The thrill of the ride is beyond words and watching sand dunes, blue skies, green oasis and desert plants from above will be thrilling for everyone.

Scuba Diving:

Scuba Diving

The minimal tide has made scuba diving safe for all. A number of fishing and diving clubs will offer you equipment with diving and fishing tutorials for beginners. You can hire a fishing boat fitted with all the necessary equipment.