When you holiday in Switzerland, you get four different climate zones in one package, the vast meadows of central Switzerland and the picturesque Jura highland; the Swiss Riviera in the West and the Mediterranean flair in the South; the thrilling alpine playground all around you and urban centres strewn in-between.

Here’s a list of things to do in Switzerland.

Take a Hike:


With over 60’000 km (37,284 miles) of marked hiking trails, Switzerland is a heaven for walkers, hikers, and trekkers.

Whether you choose a light walk of a few hours, hike a mountain trail, trek an alpine route or cross the country on foot, you will experience magnificent panoramas from flower filled meadows to dramatic alpine landscapes, forests of larch, knotty pine or chestnut, observe the daily life of locals and pass through history filled villages.

Challenge the Wall:

Brunni, Klettersteig, Familie; Brunni, Via Ferrata, Climbing, Family;

Although the Matterhorn is the most recognised of all Swiss mountains, there are a myriad of other peaks to conquer.

Over 60% of Switzerland is mountainous territory, and it has Europe’s largest concentration of summits reaching over 4000m (13’124 ft).

No matter if you are an old pro or just learning the ropes you can be sure to find the finest spots to hang on to.

Get Wheeling:


Hocked on cycling? If you are a mountain biker and you crave the wild and adrenalin pumping adventure, you won’t be disappointed.

A really fun adventure for the whole family is a downhill ride with trotti bikes or a segway tour – from tame to extreme.

Float Around:


Cruising Switzerland’s lakes and rivers offer stunning views. Boat, canoe, kayak on your own or take one of the official cruises, ferries or regular boat connections.

Sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, White River rafting and other water sports are high on our own summer agenda.

Fly High:


Soar through the air and experience the magnificent landscape from the perspective of a bird. Sky dive, parachute and hang glide solo or in tandem.

Feast on Delicacies:


Switzerland is a culinary melting pot and married the best of Italian, German, Austrian and French cuisine with their own. Savour local specialties and simple alpine goodies or visit fancy restaurants. Even small alpine inns and village restaurants serve superb and freshly made dishes prepared by fabulous “no-name” chefs.

Visit a Museum:


Even though we don’t have a Louvre to brag with, Switzerland has some of the finest art collections. Almost 1000 museums preserve our cultural treasures. Exhibits of art, science, technology, history, innovations and all kinds of curiosities are to be discovered.

Learn Something:


What better place to learn a language? We’ve got four official ones. Varied programs and workshops, long and short term, for children and adults.

There are a myriad of creative options to choose from: boost your creativity in the arts, learn a new sport or how to prepare local food, assemble your own Swiss Knife, or spend a day at an alpine farm and have a close up look at their life.