This is viewed as one of the best restaurants in Lahore. From a food perspective we agree that the food is excellent, although as an overall dining experience we were a bit disappointed. The restaurant has 2 rooms and we were in the first room. But then switched to the outside as it was to suffocated.kjkIndeed! Everyone would agree that Lahoris and even outsiders who come to visit Mehmood Kasuri Road with a notion that it is the place where you could relish food free from gastrointestinal problems, are famous for their great love for food; no matter what time is it they would not think twice in going out and trying any new restaurant for dinning. As competition is rising day by day in every field so same is here many of the new restaurants have been opened since last few months and all presenting their top notch values, among all these I happened to go to Jade with my friends we all are great tea lovers and yearn for refreshment and relaxation after loads of working hours. we all have heard mixed reviews since this place has opened here is a guide to the Jade on a few times we have been here.

Ambience:qweOutside sitting is just awesome to make one feel more fresh even if it’s deadly cold the ceiling is covered with yellow lights as if covering the sky above you, sitting arrangements are not so large, at a time around 30 people could enjoy, though service is slow, only those could wait who are so deeply involved in gossips with friends or others.

The Staff:

The environment is quite friendly as their staff members are very cooperative and decently dressed. They have a smile on their faces and greet all the customers humbly. Their manager and assist. Manager was very humble, guided us happily regarding their specialties. There is a room on second flour which is used for celebrations; it is decorated by the staff amazingly, As Jade is the trendsetters of breakfast in Lahore, they offer this the whole day, it’s always occupied so no advance booking is considered.

Food:fdgWell, talking about the food their if you are not a fast food lover then don’t have the burgers or chocolate sandwiches we had it and found just normal not up to the mark but one can surely go for pasta macaronis (different colored mixed with white sauce) spaghetti’s ( coffee and tea of course has Its own wonderful taste. Jade offers breakfast, a wide assortment of crepes, eggs, sandwiches, pizzas, pancakes, waffles serving with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Dishes are not overpriced but there are few which needs to be highlighted as pasta’s quantity doesn’t match with its price same is with the sandwiches as well which needs to be changed on serious note. One who is a sweet person should not miss any chance and come here to relish the desserts.


The ambiance, food and taste are greatly liked by youngsters, and always grab their attention towards it because of its outside sitting.

An excellent readymade setting for giving birthday surprises to your friends or to have a serious business meeting one can opt for Jade. In case of your taste for traditional food it’s not your baby then.

After heaps of work one must go to jade to have coffee or tea, which gives peace of mind in perfect ambiance.


Jade Restaurant

10 Mian Mehmood Ai Kasuri Road

Timings: 8am to 10pm

Call: (042) 5750059

Average spend for two Rs:1800