If you are a foodie then let us update you on some of the places in the world that are renowned for their food festivals. So, these food festivals give you a chance to peep into the food cultures of different regions by means of our taste buds.

We bring here four must visit food festivals of the globe for you that attract all the epicureans and food enthusiasts of the world.

  • Festival Gourmet International:


If Mexican savories drive you crazy, then you must make it a point to visit the Festival Gourmet International at least once in your lifetime. This festival is one of the main cultural events held in Puerto Vallarta, the gastronomic capital of Mexico.

This festival is of a non competitive format, where world famous master chefs of Mexico as well as rising stars join hand in hand to present some of the best Mexican delicacies of the globe. It is thus needless to say that your taste buds will get a never before opportunity to plunge into the authentic Mexican culture by means of your taste buds.

  • The World Gourmet Summit:


This food festival is one of the most prestigious one among the food festivals of the world. It is the common ground for all the renowned chefs of the world, who participate in this five day food festival held in Singapore to offer their dream dishes to all foodies of the world.

The specialties of this food festival are traditional Chinese cuisines, celebrity dinners, culinary classes, wine tasting sessions and gourmet cooking workshops. So, you can conclude it as your dream expedition if you are a foodie.

  • Moritz Gourmet Festival:


Within the panoramic backdrop of Switzerland and opportunity to satisfy your tongue with the finest lip smacking platters, Moritz Gourmet Festival is perhaps a heavenly experience.

This five day gourmet affair gets the golden opportunity to witness some of the most exotic dishes prepared by the top chefs of the world. The top stars of the leading hotels from St. Moritz, Switzerland also join in this merriment at the heaven on earth.

The Chocolate Cult, one of the highlight events of this celebration of culinary art gives you the luxury to enjoy personalized chocolate recipes infused with chili, pepper, saffron and honey. You must give it a try.

  • The International White Truffle Festival:

Alba_International_White_Truffle_Fair__Fototeca_ENIT - 5

While white truffle is sparingly found in most of the kitchens, a food festival is held in Italy to recognize the enormous culinary prospects of this pungent smelling kitchen gem.

This festival is held in the months between September and December every year to say cheers to the potentials of this glorious tuber. White truffles are auctioned at hundreds of dollars in this event. You must visit this show if you are a proud foodie and wish to add credentials to your culinary repertoire.

  • Kona Coffee Cultural Festival:


Kona coffee, the priciest blend of the world is cultivated at the Kona District of Bi Land in Hawaii.

This food festival is held in the beginning of November and lasts for two weeks to offer this dear coffee blend to the world. Visitors all over the world attend to take sips of their favorite beverage, served with a Hawaiian touch. They also take part in art exhibitions, pageants, workshops, live entertainments, etc., which are all a part of this food festival. It is definitely a celebration time for the avid coffee lovers.

  • International Mango Festival:


This juicy fruit gets the best justice at the International Mango Festival in India. Five hundred varieties of mangoes are at display in this festival, held in the capital city of the country, New Delhi. From raw mangoes to cooked recipes and to lip smacking taste enhancers like mango sauces, pickles and jams, the list is endless. So, you must certainly give it a try.